Jannah Bolin Sings The 7 Habits

Jannah Bolin, a student at Drakes Creek Middle School, wrote a song about the value of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Jannah is truly a star and is a great representative for The Leader in Me Capital Campaign, which is led by the Bowling Green Area Chamber Foundation to raise million to become the first community to implement the initiative in all schools, all grades, K-12. Learn more here: www.TheLeaderInMeSCK.com


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  1. Ann Bolin says:

    Yes she is….r u? What school?

  2. Ann Bolin says:

    If you’d like for her to come and sing the song for your school…Have your principal contact her principal. Or you can write a personal letter from the students and yourself (using your awesome leadership skills); His name is Daryl Woods at Drakes Creek Middle School in Bowling Green KY. Scheduling might be an issue, but it’s worth a try. She would LOVE to come see your school and sing for you guys. Keep me posted if you do contact her principal so I can also mention on my end. THANKS!

  3. Ann Bolin says:

    Have your principal contact her principal. His name is Daryl Woods at Drakes Creek Middle School. Scheduling might become an issue; however, it’s totally worth a try. Use those leadership skills, girl…and get what you need:-)

  4. Ann Bolin says:

    I’m Jannah’s mom…and I just want to say, she is very thankful the opportunities that have came her way. I will share your comments with her:-)

  5. Ann Bolin says:


  6. PixieHollowmoment says:

    Wait… First I need to ask permission from my principal’s :) If they say yes ill let you know

  7. RunescapePro1224 says:

    We’re doing the 7 habits in our school currently. I’m a student in a school in Stevenage and I’m only 11. Every assembly we come in and our headteacher is playing this song. Since Jannah’s mom is posting over Jannah, I was going to ask is Jannah could come to our school in stevenage and sing live??? BTW I’m rarely on youtube so It might take me a while to reply.

  8. burehreh says:

    nice song

  9. mitzyrivas2000 says:

    Is she from bowling green jw

  10. mitzyrivas2000 says:

    Shes good

  11. annbolin says:

    She’s love to come sing it live….just let me know…

    Janna’s mom

  12. annbolin says:

    See if your school might want her to come and sing for you on a leadership day:-) She’d love it! — love, Jannah’s mom

  13. Gabi Flick says:

    wow that was an awesome video i love your singing

  14. Sonu Malik says:

    i know this song

  15. babin505 says:

    This is AWESOME!!  My 6th grade homeroom is going to learn this tomorrow!!!

  16. rodfather450r says:


  17. PixieHollowmoment says:

    Alot of my ppl r singing this in morning meeting at school cuz we loved the video. We think shes very cool :D ~Kimi cable
    P.s I go to lewisburg in kentucky :D

  18. Rayna DeLancey says:

    very good and i see my freind from natcher in there

  19. Jaci Durbin says:

    awesome job jannah its jaci ur competititon

  20. Memaw Debbie says:

    Girl you can sing! And apparently write too. My children went to Drakes Creek also. I have a feeling you will be very successful in whatever you choose to do.

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